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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to my sometimes amusing and always chaotic world.  I’m Jacquie, and I’m an author and homeschooling mom.  I wrote my first story in second grade and continued throughout high school but stopped in college to focus more on essays and research papers.  Once I began practicing law, legal briefs became my specialty. 

A few years ago, I “retired” from law to homeschool my daughters.  We did a unit on creative writing and I challenged my teenager to write a full-length novel of her own.  To encourage her, I started my own story and rediscovered my passion for writing fiction. 

Writing is a wonderful creative outlet.  Best of all, I get to spend hours wrapped up in my imagination and it counts as work.  It sure beats spending time in a courtroom. 

I published my first novel, Angel on Fire, in February of 2012.  My second novel, another romantic suspense, is scheduled to be released in late spring.  Dilemma is the story of Alexis Winters, who has just started a new career and life in Chicago.  As she learns that practicing law is about more than truth and justice, the young labor and employment litigator struggles to balance her ethical obligations to her client with her own values.  When childhood friend turned investigative journalist Ryder Prescott insists that her client is involved in wrongdoing and that he needs her help to prove it, Alexis is forced to choose between helping the man she has always wanted and protecting her career.  As the stakes increase, she discovers that sometimes rules must be broken in order for justice to prevail and that it is never too late for love.

I’m also editing my first young adult novel, The Unexpected Debutante, and working on the first draft of Sean and Emily’s story, the second in the Angel Investigation series.